Marketing messages about El Panama Hotel

Comparing hotel guest’s reality reports with marketing messages about El Panama Hotel:

The text created by the always creative marketing department says:  “Business travelers benefit from a wonderful exhibition center. Leisure travelers enjoy the fitness room, spa, and the flora and fauna of the nearby rainforest. El Panama is quite close to the city’s shops and exciting nightlife, but it is no surprise when guests wish never to leave the hotel’s amazing private boutiques, casino and nightclub.”

This property in central Panama City is only twenty minutes from Panama’s City’s Tocumen International Airport.   It’s known to the airline industry as PTY – if you happen to be scouting airline ticketing later.

Traveler reviews aren’t so kind in their notes on the hotel…but no criticism of the marketer is realistic, since they probably never sat poolside at the El Panama Hotel.

The most insightful analysis I discovered was the guest paying $250 a night who commented:  “The El Panama still thinks she is the belle of the ball. She is looking tired and service is lacking. I stayed in the executive suite. The two remotes didn’t work, the safety box didn’t work, the bathroom facet was broken, and bath tub was worn. The decor was 1970’s hip in black and white. Austin Powers would have been at home here if he could get service from the bellman and all the amenities worked. The location is good, the service is slow to nonexistence, facilities worn, and the price is on the high end for the value.”

Even if she isn’t still the belle of the ball….it seems reasonable to expect effective maintenance in this four star property…unless of course…there’s a plan to replace El Panama with a new community of properties. Could there be a plan in the old belle of the ball’s future?

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