El Panama Hotel | Find Your Perfect Location in Panama City

October 03, 2007
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Step One

Determine which sites you want to be near, be it shopping districts, the Panama canal or beaches. Consult a map of Panama and a tourism guide, or the Web site to explore points of interest.

Step Two

Plan to begin your journey to the land of the canal, passport in hand, prepared to pay for your $5 tourist card at the departure gate.

Tips & Warnings

  • In many areas of Panama, the sidewalks are in disrepair. If planning to travel by foot, be sure the neighborhood you’re staying in has maintained sidewalks, or the money you save by walking will quickly become the money you spend on taxis.
  • Research beachfront resorts closely. Due to polluted bodies of water throughout Panama, many beaches are not open for public swimming.
  • As in any large city, the risk of crime is present. Use a taxi to get around at night.


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Source: VIP Panama