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On Behalf Of Charles A. Garcia: Here is the information on El Valle. If you go to files on most of these forums you will find the information posted by me there on El Valle including the Panama Guide. You can find out much about Panama quicker if you visit the files of these different forums and look. You would be surprised how much effort has been put in by the members to make it easier for the newcomers to find information which has previously been asked. Better Hotels to stay at in El Valle. These prices vary and may be less or more than what is mentioned below.

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HOTEL LOS CAPITANES 13 rooms, tel #: 983-6080 [email protected] and website https://www.panamainfo.com/loscapitanes/ Good restaurant.
Includes breakfast. Around $60 per night.

HOTEL CAMPESTRE 28 rooms Tel #: 983-6146 website at www.hotelcampestre.com. Includes breakfast [email protected] Around $60 per room.

HOTEL LOS NANCE’S BED & BREAKFAST 5 Rooms Tel #: 983-6126 Includes breakfast. $60 per room. Recommend persons renting here have 4-wheel drive, as this is up on the side of the hill above Park Eden, and road very steep.

RINCON VALLERO 14 Rooms Tel #: 983-6175/264-9119 Includes breakfast.
Email address is [email protected] and their website is at www.rinconvallero.com. Excellent restaurant. Rooms from $80-around $110.

PARK EDEN BED & BREAKFAST 5 rooms Tel #: 983-6167 / 226-8858 www.parkeden.com & www.panamainfo.com/parkeden [email protected]
5 rooms, includes full breakfast 2 persons per room, additional cost per each additional person. $60/$85/$95/$95 and an entire house with two bedrooms $195. No restaurant.

LA CASA DE LOURDES 3 Rooms Tel #: 983-6450 / 269-6237 This is the tops, nothing better…Gourmet breakfast included…exclusive cuisine & accommodations…where the IN people dine. 16 Rooms from $175. Best gourmet restaurant & luxury accomodations in the area.

CRATER VALLEY ADVENTURE SPA 8 Rooms Tel #: 983-6942 https://www.crater-valley.com/docs/rooms.htm https://www.crater- valley.com/ [email protected] Tel #: 215-2326 & 983-6942 Fax:
215-2329 Among the best in El Valle. Has pool,restaurant, sauna, massage parlor, beauty saloon, and lush grounds. Expect it to be pricey, but worth it. Room Rates: $90-$110.

APARTOTEL EL VALLE: 13 Rooms Tel #: 264-2272 [email protected] New large rooms with just the basics, but clean & spacious. Natural thermal waters pool. www.panamareservation.net Rooms from $37.50- $60 per day. No restaurant.

Some of the other places available at much more economical rates:
Hotel Don Pepe: 983-6835
Hotel Greco: 983-6149
Hotel Residencial El Valle: 983-6536
Cabañas las Mozas: 983-6071
Cabañas de Colores: 983-6613

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