Sushi Restaurants in Panama City

Sushi is the most famous, delicious and exquisite Japanese dish, relished by both Japanese and foreigners. Many foreigners think that sushi is simply raw fish. Raw fish is actually called sashimi. Sushi is considered a delicacy, that is why it is expensive. Sushi is made with a sticky rice made with a combination of rice and sweet vinegar. Other ingredients can be added. Seaweed, fish, beef, cheese, avocado, pickles, seafood or other ingredients are often used. There is a type of sushi for every taste.
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There are different types of sushi like nigiri, temaki, gunkan, inari, oshizushi and chirashi, but the most famous one is norimaki. Norimaki is sushi, seafood and rice rolled with a dried seaweed sheet. Sometimes it is prepared inside out with a huge variety of delicious ingredients.

Some of the best Sushi places in Panama City are:
 Sushi Restaurants in Panama City

The Sushi and Martini Bar located at the Radisson Decapolis Hotel. It is a very chic martini bar with a very elegant and relaxing environment. They serve unlimited varieties of sushi and wonderful cocktails and martinis. They are open from noon until midnight, Mondays to Sundays.

Sushi Itto is located in the Panama City Financial district. On top of the usual, fish, shrimp, octopus and smoked salmon rolls, they offer Panamanian rolls made with ingredients like: mango, meat, cheese and avocado. They offer other Japanese delicacies like Japanese dumplings, stuffed squid, tempura vegetables and edamame. A plus for those who don’t like traditional Japanese food is that they also offer different types of pastas.

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