El Panama Hotel

El Panama Hotel in Panama City, Panama is a remarkable, historical landmark. The facility was created in an era during which there were few serious competitors in Panama City’s hotel market. That isn’t the case any longer.  There are more than 250 high rise buildings going up in Panama City as this is being written.

One lady included in her review notes:  “There were plenty of positive aspects about this hotel. It really is in a great location, and you can walk around the area without worry, the breakfast buffet changes daily…..the staff in the hotel restaurant is nice, too.”

However, then she added:  “Then . . . there are the negatives. I have NEVER NEVER NEVER slept so little on vacation in my entire life. EVER. Panamanians honk their horns while driving, more than they breathe . . . and being located close to a major avenue guarantees that you will hear horns 24/7. I am not a light sleeper, so I was amazed at how much trouble I had sleeping there.”

“There is also a casino/disco attached to the hotel that plays VERY VERY VERY loud music on the weekends that goes until at least 12 a.m. Every time someone walks past the hotel room it sounds like they are in the room with you. It is UNBELIEVABLY loud.”

Okay, so we know the hotelier’s have been turning away the sales reps for the acoustical engineering companies and apparently are receiving enough revenue from their casino; that the sleeping ease of their guests isn’t of concern. What is the real story..?  Is there a difference of the awareness and thereby the effects of long term exposure to high ranges of decibels, so it’s a cultural difference?  I think not.  Has any of the management staff ever slept upstairs?  Perhaps their penthouses do have soundproofing? Or is the staff secretly buying invisible earplugs by the gross?

The owners of this company have the size of punch that they could encourage the Panamanian department of transportation that its newest promotion for the happiness of all Panama City residents and guests is: ‘Noise Abatement Now’ by the enactment of traffic management modernization, requiring auto inspections and an enforced ban on honking in this city of a million residents with – what – twenty traffic lights…?  Now that’s not the long term plan for a fast transit system that Panama City needs, but it would be a start.

This gentleman guest’s review comment reflects my sentiment: “Hopefully one day the Hotel El Panama will quit selling off its real estate…and restore its self back to the glory days…”

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